Saturday, July 5, 2014


So last weekend one of my best friends from high school had her bachelorette party around Austin and I was able to go!  I had a lot of fun seeing friends I hadn't seen in forever.  Meanwhile Ben was home being Superman!!!  

First thing they did was go to the zoo. 

And they fed the giraffes for the first time.  We have fed the giraffes millions of times in Abilene, but this was the first time to feed them in Wichita. 

I think they spend most of the morning at the zoo and then he took them to the pool in the afternoon. 

oh and they had a water balloon fight. 
He's a rock star! 

On Saturday I know they went back to the pool and then spent the evening with our amazing church friends! 

They finally caught some fireflies!!!  We have been trying for days to catch one.  They caught a bunch with Daddy and now they want to catch some every night! 

Ben made them sidewalk paint and they had fun painting up the driveway! 

And they played a little baseball, too! 
Then on Sunday they went to church and then went back to the pool for some more fun.  
He kept them so busy and they had soo, soo much fun!  I don't think they were that happy to see me when I got home Sunday evening.  They had so much fun with their Daddy!  
I'm so thankful that they all had such a great time!  I knew they would!  Ben, you are the BEST!!!!  We love you so much!! 

Here are a few pictures from my weekend with the girls! 

I had a blast with Aimee all weekend!!  She is amazing!!  I took lots of random pictures of her throughout the weekend... lol!  I think she would kill me if I posted them all! :) Love you, Aims! 

Aimee posted a nice throw back Thursday from prom one year and we were trying to recreate it!  
Love these girls! 

Me and the bride relaxing in the lake trying not to touch the bottom!  

It was hot that afternoon.  I miss the Texas heat!  Is that weird??

On our way to the boat for our evening cruise. 

Courtney, my friend who lives way up north.  I haven't seen her in years!!  She hasn't changed... still sweet, crazy Courtney! 

Fun on the boat. 

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