Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Disney World: Day 3 :)


We were up bright and early eating crackers and ready for a fun day at Epcot! 

Our walk to the monorail! 

So pretty!  I want to go back! 

We made it!  
After a few pictures here we ran into... 


So much fun! 

Then we were off to The Sea to find Nemo! 

Mine! Mine! Mine! 

Ready for the Nemo ride!  
Oh where, oh where can he be??

There he is!  

Swimming with Dory! 

Hello.  Name's Bruce! 
We played in this little playground area until it was time for Turtle Talk with Crush! 

Hunter got to talk to Crush!!! 
Looking for Nemo again! 

 After Nemo we played at this cool fountain while Honey went to find me a treat!
We were all trying to bat the water!  

It was one of those jumping water fountains that would jump from one place to the other.  The kids loved it! 

Yep, they have Starbucks at Walt Disney World!  And yes, I think these cups are even better than the red Christmas cups!!!  

Next up was Journey to Imagination with Figment! 
Ben loved this ride as a kid! 

Off we go! 

There were lots of fun things to do after the ride.  

They were playing music with the squares on the floor. 

Making music by waving your arms in the box...
The kids liked playing in here! 

Now we are off to see the world! 

This had to have been in Canada! 

We had to stop and take a picture in front of this garden!  The flowers were so pretty!! 

Where are we now??

I'm sure he doesn't really know what this is... He's only seen cell phones! 

I love all the houses and buildings!  so fun! 

At the toy story in England!  

Maggie was excited to color Duffy, Mickey's bear!  
Done!  She was so proud of her bear!  
Now she can take him to all the different Duffy stops and get all the different flags from all over the world stamped on the back of Duffy.  


Ben was King Author in a street play!  Can you believe it!?!  It was so funny! 

His fans cheering him on!  Oh and yes, Archer wore his hat almost all day!! :)  He loves it! 

After the show, Hunter really wanted to go on a Phineas and Ferb:  Agent P's World Showcase Adventure!  This is where you get to become a secret agent and go undercover to help Agent P save the world! 
Here they are listening to the first clue!  
 Well... Archer and Maggie didn't last very long with this game so we... 

went and calmly sat by the fountain. 

And then we started playing in the fountain! 

They were having so much fun! 

Yeah... I probably shouldn't have let them do this... 

Isn't he cute!?!
Bet you can't guess what happened next... 

Yep, someone fell in! 
He was so funny! 

They had a blast at that fountain! 

Finally Ben and Hunter were done and it was time to meet... 
Mary Poppins!  (My favorite!!!) 

Practically perfect in every way! 

Now it was time to head on over to France! 
Ben and I have a sweet friend who we knew was in Paris, so we had to take a picture to show her we were there, too! 

And then, of course, we had to stunt a little! 

Archer wanted to, too! 
We bumped into Belle while visiting France! 

Then we ate some lunch in Japan and kept walking on towards Norway! 
We were excited to ride this ride!  Archer was even tall enough to ride it! 

Being silly waiting for our turn! 

This ride closed I think right after we left.  Rumor has it they are turning it into a Frozen ride!  Eek!!  We want to ride the Frozen ride!!! 

Our two vikings! By the way, there is a really great Frozen store right by this ride!  
Ben took Maggie and Hunter to ride Soarin' next.  We had fastpasses! 

I think they liked it!  
Archer was to short to ride and by the time Ben and the kids got off our fastpasses had expired.  Next time we'll ride Soarin'! We did have fun riding another ride with Archer, though! 
Next up we all road Spaceship Earth! 

And then we played some of the games inside spaceship earth! 

I don't really know what they were doing, but they were having fun anyway! 

The kids were getting kind of sleepy by this point so Ben took all the kids back to the hotel for a nap and insisted that me and my mom stayed and enjoyed more of the different countries! 
I'm so glad he stopped to take a few pictures before leaving the park! 

By the way Ben said Archer wore his hat the whole way home!  

I had so much fun with my mom!  When we were going through the countries with the kids we kind of rushed through them!  It was nice to walk though them again but this time not so fast!
Plus I loved spending time with my mom!  It doesn't happen that often! 

Thank you, Ben for this special time with just my mom! 

When we got back to the hotel this is where we found everyone...
at the pool of course! 

It was just about time for our dinner reservations when we got back so the kids were just about to get out.  After a very yummy dinner we decided we should probably get to bed.  The kids ended up not napping that day, so they were really tired!  

The kids were all asleep when I started to hear the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom.  I really tired to go to sleep, but I had to go see what was going on!  

This was from our balcony! 

You could hear the music from the show, too! 

What an amazing ending to such a fun day!!!  I want to go back!!!! 

Next up The Animal Kingdom! 

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