Friday, March 20, 2015

Disney World: Day 4

Hello, blogging world!  It's been a very looong time, but I am back and am going to try to play a little (a lot) of catch up!  So here we go...

Disney's Animal Kingdom! 

We made it!  We were all so excited to see all the animals and ride some awesome rides! 

1st up... the Dinosaur ride! 

It started raining on us on the walk over...

And as you can see we got a little wet while waiting for the ride to open. 
But that's okay... Hey we were at Disney's Animal Kingdom! 

We were almost eaten by a giant dinosaur!!! 
Maggie did NOT like this ride! 

Hunter thought it was pretty cool, though!

Time to pull out the ponchos!!!

and ride some tail-spin!

After a short drive it was time for... 

We were sad the slides were closed because of the rain. 

We had fun playing anyway! 

Next up...

 we snuck off to ride Everest!  So fun! 


We loved it! 

After a ride like that Hunter needed a little something... his first Mickey bar!! 

They are his favorite!!! 

Then we met up with Honey, Maggie and Archer and got to meet a few characters from The Jungle Book!!! 

While we were waiting in line we tried to find as many animal as we could in the tree!  Isn't it amazing!

meeting Baloo

and King Louie!

Glad Shere Khan wasn't there!

We had to stop at the Tree of Life to get a picture on our way to our next adventure! 

And then we had to stop to play the drums...

Next up Kilimanjaro Safaris!
Can't wait to see some animals! 

Archer spotted the Gators! 

Can you spot the giraffes?

There they are! 

I know we feed them all the time at the zoo, but this is just so cool! 

The lions!!  We are pretending that this lion is from Abilene.  We know that 2 of the lion cubs from the Abilene Zoo went to Disney's Animal Kingdom, so this is one of them!  

Hey, it could be! 

Wow!  After that safaris we needed a snack!

The donuts were HUGE!!!!

Next up was The Lion King! 

This show was awesome!!!  It even had gymnastics in it!  Here's a little clip from the show!  If you go to Disney, you need to go see The Lion King! :) 

After the show we got to meet the Wilderness Explorers, Russell and Dug! 

We love Up! :) 

Using our fastpass for 

We watched this last time and loved it! 

Go watch it!  It's so cute! 

We couldn't leave the park without getting this picture!  We took this same picture in this same spot on Hunter's first trip to Disney when is was almost 2.  I wish I could find the picture and add it, but it is saved on the hard drive. :(  

On our way out of the park we ran into this lady! 

Daisy was excited she and Maggie had the same color shoes on! :) Eek! 

We love you, Daisy Duck! 

Now back to the hotel for a little rest... 

Then back home to the Magic Kingdom for some more fun! 

About to fly...

on the magic carpets of Aladdin! 

Then it was on to the Tiki Room!  We are still singing the song! 
Big day for Hunter-man!  Not only did he have his first Mickey bar, but he also had his first turkey leg! 
And he loved them both! 

After dinner Daddy took the little man and rode a few rides, while Honey and Mom took the big kids to ride Big Thunder Railroad and Splash Mountain! 

Tea Cups! :) 

Fun with Daddy! 

We met up at Gaston's Tavern for some giant cinnamon rolls! 

Those are my boys!! 

We decided to ride the Winnie the Pooh ride and ended up getting to stay in the Hunny pots and riding it two times in a row.  (Going in September is awesome!!!) 

We love that old bear! 

We had to ride Peter Pan, too! 

Then it was time to say goodbye to the castle for Wednesday!  

We made it back to our room to find a surprise by the hotel staff. 
We love Disney!!!  

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