Sunday, October 26, 2014

Disney World: Day 2

We had to wake up super early on Monday to head over to Chef Mickey's! 

This is our view when we stepped out the door!  Beautiful! 

On to Chef Mickey's!!! 

Mickey came to visit us first! 
Can you tell it was super early!  The kids look a little sleepy! :) 

And then Mr. Goofy came by!  Archer LOVES Goofy!  

Daddy wanted a picture with Goofy, too! 

Waving our napkins in the air.... 

this is what you do at Chef Mickey's! 


They all signed our autograph books. 

Honey's favorite... Donald! 

Honey had to get a hug! 

And then I think he proposed!!!  Watch out, Coach! 

So much fun!!

Our favorite dog, Pluto! :) 

Of course, we had to get a stunt in before we left! 

After a very yummy breakfast, we hopped on the Monorail and headed to the Magic Kingdom! 

We got there early enough to see the opening of the park!  It was so much fun! 

Here comes the train!

Can you see Elsa and Anna? 

We would have never known about the show before the park opened had we not had such an early breakfast.  It was really neat to watch!  It was so much fun!!  

Now off we go to ride some rides!!! 

There was hardly anyone there!! 

Off to ride Big Thunder Mountain! 

I love the fall decorations! 

Almost there! 

The kids rode this ride a few times!  There was no wait at all! 
Then it was off to...
One of our favorite rides! 

Here we go! 

WooHoo!!!!!  Let's do it again!!! 
We rode this one a couple of times too this morning! :)  So fun! 
There is a little play area for Archer to play in while we rode.  I can't wait until he is a little bigger, so he can ride too! :)  He will love it! 

While walking to our next adventure, we ran into these guys! 

So fun.... until we got into some trouble...

We were in need of a little pick me up so we stopped by and got our favorite treat at the Magic Kingdom, LeFou's Brew from Gaston's Tavern! 
I'm telling you, it's the best drink!!! 

Don't worry, Ben came home and round the recipe!  Now we can make it at home!! 
After our treat we hiked over to Tomorrow Land to ride Space Mountain before our Fast Pass was up! 

Speaking of Space... time to meet Buzz!!! 

And then we got to meet another guy from space... 

Next up was the Tea Cups!

Archer liked to spin us!

You can't go to Disney World and not ride Dumbo!!

Can't wait to fly! 

After Dumbo Archer played in the water while Hunter, Maggie and me went to ride Barnstormer! 

We had fun, but it was a short ride!  These kids love roller costars! 

We all needed to cool off so we headed under the sea to meet Aerial! 

Aerial had asked the kids if they had seen her friend Flounder and so Archer left yelling "Flounder, where are you??"  It was so cute! 
We found Flounder at the Under the Sea ride next! :)

Then it was time for our Jungle Cruise followed by lunch and then...

The Pirate's of the Caribbean! 

Archer and Maggie were really playing here!  They were fighting pirates! 

We were getting sleepy, so we decided to head back to the hotel for a little rest time.  
Ben had promised Maggie the horse from Brave, so he and Mag's went off to get it first. 
And they took a few pictures! 
I'm so glad they did! 

 When we were just about to walk out we saw Marie!!  We just had to meet her! 
Maggie LOVES Marie!  
She's from the AristoCats, one of Mag's favorite movies! 

We also noticed Sleeping Beauty, Aurora, was near by and had to meet her too! 

I loved Sleeping Beauty when I was little so I had to get in the picture, too! :) 
After Sleeping Beauty we went back to the hotel to rest!  

2 hours later we were ready for more!  Back to the boat and back to the Magic Kingdom! 

We decided it was time to meet TinkerBell! 

TinkerBell was so much fun!  

Up next was Mickey! 

I was trying to get Archer to go out first to meet Mickey, but he didn't want to go without Hunter and Mags! 

So Maggie went first! :) 

Followed by Hunter... 

And then Archer decided it was okay! 

We love Mickey!!! 

We had to take a few more castle pictures! 

Then it was off to the Haunted Mansion! 

After the mansion we split up.  Ben took Hunter to ride lots of fun big kid rides and Honey and I took the little kids to watch the light parade and the fireworks at the castle! 

They had so much fun and they got to ride lots of rides! 
Rapunzel's tower at night!  It was so pretty!! 

Goofy kicked off the parade! 

Maggie and Archer LOVED the parade!  It seemed like all the characters found Maggie and gave her a wave and sometimes a hug!  She loved it! 

Archer loves Peter Pan! 

Snow White gave Maggie a hug!! 

Time for Wishes at the castle! 

Here comes TinkerBell! 


What a great ending to an amazing day!!!  We had a blast!!! 

Next up... Epcot! 

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