Friday, March 20, 2015

Disney World: Day 5

Hooray for another day at Disney World!  
Thursday was an extra special day because Maggie got to eat breakfast at Cinderella's castle and the boys got to eat with a few characters from Disney Junior!  It was also Disney's Hollywood Studios Day!  So fun! 

We'll start with Mags!  What do you wear to a breakfast at the castle??  Why your Elsa dress of course!!  

With an Elsa braid! 

When we first walked into the park we saw a princess that we just had to meet! 

Can you guess who it is??

We had to stop and take a few pictures at the castle! 

While waiting for our turn to go into the castle Maggie got dusted with some Pixie Dust and then got more pictures taken! :)  

Sorry for all the Maggie pictures, but I couldn't just pick one. 

We also found the dress that Cinderella's mice and bird friends made! 

Then it was time!!! 
They called us in and said we were invited by Cinderella herself! 

We spotted Gus! 

The castle was so neat!! 
Before we went to our table we got to meet Cinderella!!! Eek! 
And she sat right down and talked to Maggie! It was so sweet!!  She got down and they talked and talked! 

One last hug and then off to our table.  

This girl was in heaven! 
She was so excited 

She was given a wand and they asked everyone to raise it in the air! 

First up was Snow White!  
Maggie was still excited to see her even though we say her this morning! 

Then it was her favorite, Sleeping Beauty! 

Next up was Ariel!  
She was so much fun!  She played with Maggie! She was so cute!  

I can't get over how much Ariel interacted with Maggie!  She didn't just stop and say hi, give a hug and take a picture.  She played with her and talked to her for a long time.  She wasn't looking to the next table, but loved on Maggie.  It was so neat! 

Jasmine was so sweet, too!  She played with Maggie, too! 

And she left Mags with a little something on her forehead! 
This breakfast was the BEST!!  Honey and I loved it just as much as Maggie did!  It was amazing!  Next time the boys will go, too!  I think they would love it! 
While Katie and Honey took Maggie to Cinderella's Castle; I (Ben) took the boys to Hollywood Studios for breakfast with some Disney Junior characters!  Archer wore a birthday button that day and got a lot of birthday wishes from all the cast members and park guests.  He felt really special!

First we met up with Jake!  Ahoy me hearties!

Then Handy Manny stopped by to give us a hug!

He's got a pretty cool signature! Can you find the nail?
 Last up was Doc McStuffins.  By the time she came by the boys were raring to go on some rides!

 As well were getting ready to leave our server brought us this birthday for Archer!

After breakfast we stopped and visited with some of "Andy's" toys.


Next up was  The Wondering Oaken Trading Post.  There was an ice skating rink and real snow!

We got to take a few pictures with some friends! 

We got some sweet treats too!

While we waited for the girls to join us we went to see the Jack Sparrow Show.

On our way to meet the boys Maggie and I had to stop and get a picture with Sven! 

Then we met the boys by the toys! 

This kid!  So cute! 

And this one is handsome! 


Now time for Toy Story Mania! 

 This is one of our favorite rides!  It's so fun!  I think Ben won this round, but I'll get him next time!

Oh Honey, you're so funny! 

Next up... 

Where's Maggie??

Hunter, on the set of the new movie! 

 Now time for our favorite playground!!!

We got a little hungry while we were playing! 

If only this was real!!! Yum!

Maggie loved riding Auntie! 

We were so small! 

So glad these slides where open!  No rain today! :) 

After some play time Ben and Hunter went off to ride a few rides! 

The first big ride of the day, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!! 

So fun!!!  
Then it was on to Hunter's favorite ride in all of Walt Disney World...

Ben thought the camera was on the other side and so well... now you can't see Hunter.  But he LOVED it!  I'm so sad he didn't get to ride it again!  He really wanted to!  Next time, Hunter-man!!!  

Oh and Ben took this lovely... I know you were wondering what was on the bathroom door at the Rockin' Roller Coaster! 

This kid, he is AMAZING!!!!  Love him so much! 

LOVE this guy, too!!! 

While the boys were playing we were.... singing! 
at the Frozen sing-a-long!!!! 

Let it Go! Let it Go!  
Can't you just hear all the little girls singing along! 

After the sing along, we did another switch!  This time Hunter and Honey went off and had some fun and Ben and I took the little kids out to play! 

They road the Tower of Terror, too! Eek! 

Honey, you are awesome!  I don't think Coach could have done it! 

Meanwhile, we were hanging with some friends! 

Archer loves Wreck It Ralph!  

Archer was getting so sleepy!  

One last kiss! 

This Minnie was so fun!  She had such a cool room and we were the only family in the room to meet her.  Maggie loved it! 

Then it was time for Ben's favorite... 



He was out! 

Next up... Beauty and the Beast! 
It was sooo good! 

still sleeping 

Maggie loved it!

After the show Archer was still out, so Maggie and I got a turn at the tower! 

So fun!! 

Someone is finally awake and needed a little something sweet! 

When we were walking back to go watch Disney Junior Live we ran into to some fun dancing!!  Now if you know my kids, you know they LOVE to dance!  

Maggie was not afraid to walk up and dance with Pluto! 

So fun! 

Oh and then I might have had a lick or two of someones lollipop! Shh! :)

Disney Junior Live!
Hunter LOVED this when we were here last time!  Both Maggie and Archer really liked it!

After Disney Junior it was time for Hunter's Jedi Training.  


He was so excited!  He went on the Star Tours ride about a million times and he loves Star Wars (even though he had never seen it until after we got home from Disney).

I wish I had pictures of him doing his training out on the stage, but after waiting for what seemed like forever they cancelled the last training session of the day because of lightning near by. :(  He was devastated to say the least.  I was so, so sad for him.  The good news, he and Ben were given lightsabers and then he also got to build his own.  Oh and it never rained and we did not see any lightning. Sad day! 

Next time he will train to be a Jedi! :) 

While we were waiting on our jedi Maggie took a little nap herself! 

We ended our day with Fantasmic!  

It was a pretty awesome show with water and fire!  
We didn't get any good pictures because it was misting a little at the time, but we still had fun!! 

We had an amazing day and Hollywood Studios!! 
Only one more day left and we are spending it at our most favorite park, The Magic Kingdom!! 
Day 6 coming tomorrow! :) 

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