Monday, March 23, 2015

Disney World: Day 6

Our last day at the best place on earth... Magic Kingdom here we come! 

First up... Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! 

Here they go!! 

Maggie loved this ride!  

Now it's our turn! 

Hunter says he doesn't like the mine train, but I think he secretly does! :) 

After the 7 dwarfs, Archer and I got a little hang out time while the big kids road Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain! 
For those of you going to Disney with little kids, they have a small playground under the bridge by Splash Mountain.  Archer loved it and it gave us something fun to do while we waited for the big kids to get done with the ride. 

Splash Mountain is Maggie's favorite ride.  We all loved it!  I can't wait until next time when Archer can ride, too! 

We were excited to run into Jessie and Woody in between rides.  Maggie really wanted to meet Jessie!

For most of the morning and midday, we road every ride we could!  We didn't take to many pictures.  We were just having fun and trying to soak up every last minute at Disney World! 

Space Mountain! 

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin!! 

This is not a ride, but I think it is so pretty!  It looks like Tangled!  It looks like something better than just a restroom! At night the lanterns are all lit up. So fun! 

The Little Mermaid! 

We had to ride Dumbo again, of course! 
And we played in the water! 

Did a little driving! 

Then we had lunch at Be Our Guest!  
Next time I want to eat dinner here!  It was so good and so fun! 

What's in the West Wing?
It's forbidden! 
They wanted to take a picture with the rose. 

And they lived happily ever after! 
After lunch we got to meet Rapunzel! 

And we saw Cinderella again! 

We had to get our ears on the last day! 

Then we decided to take a ride on the train around the park! 

Archer liked the train! 

A look out down Main Street U.S.A. from the train station! 

After the train ride the little kids went back to the room to get some rest.

And it was Hunter's turn to have a little one on one time with me! 

He was making Mickey ears! :)

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! 
He loved this ride! 

He beat me! 

Hook 'em on Space Mountain! 

I love this boy!!  
One thing Ben and I tried to do was get a little one on one time with each one of the kids!  It was so much fun!  It was so special and it's something I will always remember!  
Oh and I'll remember this, too!  :) 
Hunter and I needed a little snack and this is my favorite treat at Disney World!  You can get it at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street.  Yum!!! 

Once we were done with our ice cream it was time to head back to the room and get ready for trick-or-treating down Main Street!  We made it back just in time for me to pick up Maggie and take her to go meet Elsa and Anna.  We were only able to get one FastPass to meet them and our time was almost up.  It was crazy!  So once our boat got to shore I put Maggie on my shoulders (she was wearing her long Elsa dress, by the way) and ran to the place to meet Elsa and Anna!  Thankfully we made it just in time! 

Anna was so cute!!! 

You can't go to Disney World and not meet Elsa! 

I am so thankful we made it to meet Princess Anna and Queen Elsa! 

While we were meeting Elsa and Anna the boys hopped over to stay hello to Pooh and Tigger! 

Oh and Archer did not want to wear his Peter Pan costume! 
Time for the Not So Scary Halloween Party! 

It was raining, but we still had fun!!

Waiting for the Boo to You Halloween Parade! 

Yummy Mickey Cake pops! 

Boo to You and you and you! 

Snow White! 

Jasmine came and said Hi to Maggie!  

So sweet! 

Peter Pan! 

Jack Sparrow

Hunter really liked the Pirate float! 

Characters from one of our most favorite rides, Splash Mountain!  

Goofy, can we have a gum ball??

We all enjoyed the parade!!! 

It's the Sherif from Nottingham!

After the parade we met Terk from Tarzan

Then we met Jane and Tarzan, too! 

Then we went a for a little trick-or-treating! 

And quickly decided we didn't need anymore candy, we just needed to ride more rides! 
There were hardly any lines anywhere! :) 

Check out his muscles!

It's a Small World, again! 

Ben and Honey took the big kids to ride Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain one last time and I got to take Archer to ride Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan again.  I just loved riding Peter Pan with Archer.  He LOVED it!  He says that is his favorite ride!  I'm so thankful I got to ride it with him! 

We ended our night and our amazing trip with Buzz Lightyear!  So much fun!  

I can not begin to say how much we enjoyed this trip!  It was amazing!  It was like we escaped reality and got to make memories with our 3 amazing kids.  I really can't put into words what this vacation means to me.  Thank you, Honey for an amazing vacation!!!!!!  We can't wait to go again! 

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