Thursday, June 24, 2010

8 month old Maggie Moe...

I can't believe my sweet little Maggie is 8 months old!!!  She's growing too fast!!  So what can she do now...

She can crawl!!!  She is so fast!  She loves crawling.  She chases after both Hunter and Kiddo all the time.  She doesn't like to be in her exersaucer anymore.  She would rather be on the floor.  This also means we have to keep everything picked up off the floor.  And I mean EVERYTHING!

She puts everything in her mouth!  No, she does not have any teeth, yet.  I am guessing she is going to get those late like her big brother.  She loves to eat those puff things and also the Gerber melts. (Ben and I are secretly excited because we like those, too! Yummy... don't tell!)  She is eating 3 meals a day, but still will not eat from a bottle!!!  ahhh... I hope she learns how to do that soon!  She did drink about an ounce of apple juice from a sippy cup yesterday... no luck today. :(

She is pulling up on everything!!!  (I will get a picture of that on here soon!)  She can stand for a few seconds without holding on to anything, too.  It is so cute because she is still so small!  She looks so tiny standing up like a big girl.  She love to go over to Hunter's PBK chair and try to get in it.  She does it ALL the time!  Then once she gets in she smiles so big like she is so proud of herself! :) Love it!!!

Maggie is still so small!!!  She still has a couple of pairs of pj's that are 0-3 months! (Crazy!!)  But she is mainly wearing 3-6 months clothes.  You can tell when an outfit is 6-12 months... it's always a little roomie! :)

Maggie LOVES the water!!!  She loves to swim and take baths.  It is sooo hard to give her a bath these days.  She splashes and crawls around the tub, which makes me nervous!  It does not bother her at all to get her face wet!  You can pour water right on top of her head and she won't blink an eye!  In the pool, she would rather "swim" and splash around than sit in the floaty boat.  She is a water baby!!!!

Maggie is still the best baby!!!  She is ALWAYS happy and content!  She can play by herself and loves to explore.  She loves to give me hugs when I pick her up... and I mean real hugs.  She wraps her arms around my neck, puts her head down and gives a little squeeze.  I LOVE IT!!!  The only times she gets upset are when she is hungry and/or tired.  She LOVES Hunter!  She is also always on the lookout for Kiddo.

We are so blessed!  Thank you, Lord for my sweet family and my little lady, Maggie!

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