Friday, June 25, 2010

What shall we do today...

How about ride bikes!!!  

So yesterday I tried to help Hunter learn to ride his new Buzz Lightyear bike...

I really wish they didn't put foot brakes on kids bikes!  He had a hard time remembering to push the pedals forwards.  Once he got the hang of it for a second his foot would slip and go backwards again.  It was a little confusing! 

We tried for a little bit... we'll keep working on it!  He'll get it sooner or later! :)  But doesn't he look cute??!!  Such a sweet boy... ohh and why does he have a butterfly in his hand, you might ask?

That's because Maggie brought out her butterfly push walker toy, so he thought he needed to bring a butterfly out for himself! :)

Maggie was happy to be outside and happy to be playing with her toy too! 

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