Thursday, June 17, 2010

More party pics!

More Party Pictures...
Here's Hunter and Caleb playing in the sand!  I wish I had a good picture of Hunter... he was covered! 

After the games and little play time we ate pizza from Pizza Planet!!  

Here's Hunter man eating his pizza :)
I had baked all the pizza that morning and on my last batch the oven caught on fire!!!  I thought we were going to have to call the fire department, but it went out as soon as I turned the oven off.  

Hunter sat by Cailey to eat.  

While they were eating their pizza we passed out the party hats!  I was going to make my own hats for the kids to wear, but then I found these!  Aren't the cute?!?

That night after the party the Disney Channel just happened to be playing both Toy Story movies so we watched a little bit of one before bed.  We watched the part with Pizza Planet and Hunter said, "Hey, I had pizza from Pizza Planet at my party!"  We were so excited!!

Sweet Owen in his hat!  I wish I would have gotten a picture of Logan and Maggie in their hats, too! :(  Isn't he cute! 

After pizza we did cake.  Here is Hunter waiting for me to light the candles.  

We never really got the candles lit!  It was too windy.  Ohh well... he didn't care!  Everyone sang and then had a piece! 

He was so excited! 

I think he only ate the icing! :)  

Kade and JD playing with the blower thingys...

Me and Maggie, Julie and Logan!  I wish we had gotten a picture of Logan looking at us!  He is super cute! 

After cake it was present time!  WOW he got some really great stuff!! 

Ben was really excited to play with some of the toys! :) 

Then we ended the party with a pinata...
It was one of those pull the string so that no one got hurt.

Dylan found the right string! 


We had so much fun this past weekend!  We loved planning everything for the party and were so glad so many of our amazing friends were able to come!!!  Thank you everyone for coming and making Hunter's birthday so wonderful!!!  He is still talking about his party! 

After everyone had left Hunter was not quite ready to come inside.  He had gotten a really, super cool "basket goal house" (little tikes playhouse) and Coach and Daddy were trying to get it all together, so he decided to take a little dip in....

the apple bucket! :)

He played in the bucket for a loooong time! 

I finally talked him into going inside for a little rest time when Uncle Richard came over.  He brought Hunter a really cool, singing spiderman card.  He loves it!! 

I think he fell asleep reading the card...

Such a sweet boy!!  We are so blessed!  Happy Birthday my Hunter-man! 

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