Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!

Okay... normally I like to post events in order.  This is way I have not posted anything this week.  I am still waiting on getting a couple of pics off or a certain camera so that I can blog about them.  So... instead of waiting I decided to post a few pics from yesterday. :)

You see it was FREEZING yesterday...
And we all had to bundle up!  Everyone at school was talking about how cute Maggie looked in her coat!  So I had to send out a picture, although she really looked cuter in person!  Once she noticed everyone was talking about her she had to walk all they way down the hall and stop at all the classrooms to see if anyone was in the room so she could be noticed. :)

Here she is walking down the hall.  She walked all the way out to the car that day! :)  Oh and don't worry... the hat was not bothering her at all.  She likes how it tastes! :)

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