Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A short Vacay....

We went to Gainesville this past weekend to see my sweet Grammy!  It really seemed like a short vacation to me.  There is something about being at my parents house that is relaxing.  Ben and I got to go by ourselves to see Grammy.  We even ate at my favorite place...
We really wanted to go see Tangled too but it wasn't playing.  :(  That's okay!  It was just nice to be kids free for a few hours with my wonderful husband. 

We had a great time seeing Grammy!  I love her so much.  We are all praying she gets to feeling better really soon!  

So what did Hunter and Mags do in Gainesville??
umm road the Gator of course!!

This is a real picture.  I ran along side because they don't come with seat belts and I didn't want Maggie to fall out.  She didn't really like riding that much, but Hunter LOVED it!!  He is such a great big brother!  He really wanted her to ride with him. :)

Me and Maggie after she decided she didn't want to ride anymore.  

Hunter has a friend in Gainesville named Cole (sometimes called Cole Guy) and his grandmother, Tot, gave Hunter this snack bag for the gator.  He was so excited.  He had to take a cookie in his bag while riding.  He was so funny!  He would ride for a minute then stop get a bite of cookie and ride on.  So cute!  He LOVES the snack bag Tot!  Thank you! 

It was a very short visit, but exactly what we needed!  Thank you Coach and Honey! 

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