Monday, January 10, 2011

Everybody Mobe (Move with a "b" instead of a "v"

Okay in my car I only listen to Air 1 with the kids because Hunter can pick up on any song so quickly!  I would much rather him be singing about our Heavenly Father rather than anything or anyone else.  Well he can sing lots of the songs played on Air 1 now and his favorite at the moment is NY 2 LA by Press Play.  It is sooo funny to hear him sing!  We downloaded this song this weekend and have been dancing to it ever since!  Maggie does the Maggie dance to it, too!

This weekend was a good one.... well we thought Ben was coming down with the flu, but by Saturday evening he was feeling much better! :)  Sunday we made it to church... then lunch... followed by naps for all!  It was so nice!

Hunter went to Cubbies Sunday night.  He loves Cubbies and I am so thankful that he does!  When I went to pick him up his teacher stopped my and said that they had quizzed the kids on the previous 6 weeks. She was amazed at Hunter.  He knew ALL of the answers!  He really does love God's word!  He picks up on his verses so quickly!  I am so proud of him!

Anyway... we have school tomorrow!  We are praying for some snow!  We saw a few flurries earlier... :)

Ohh and here are a few crafts I did this weekend...
my snowball wreath...

and I finally made Maggie's growth chart!  Hunter has had one since before he turned 1.  I was a little late with Maggies.  Not to worry.... she is still tiny and just a little past the first pink line! :)  Ben was laughing saying she will probably use this her whole life.  He doesn't think she will be over 5 feet tall! :) 

Happy Monday, everyone! 

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