Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last bit of Christmas

Okay I have been waiting for Ben to bring his awesome work camera home so that I could get our Christmas pictures off of the disk... so here is our Christmas...

Hunter's tree :)

The kids art from school and home... and the elf :)

Stocking hug with care 

Hunter's "counter downer"

The mantel... next year I am going to add some garland.  Oh and we couldn't hang the stocking from the regular hangers because we were afraid Maggie would pull them down on herself.  Ouch! Maybe next year!

Maggie's tree

Nativity (Ben doesn't like it because there is no manger.)
Our house outside

Our tree... we didn't get a good picture of it this year :(

Hunter with the tree

Mags with the tree 

Maggie loved this snowflake from the Flints.  She always pulled it off the tree and carried it around.  

We headed to Gainesville on Christmas Eve, Eve.  As Hunter said, "The Christmas lights are going to light us a path to Honey and Coach's house!"

Christmas Eve we just relaxed and then ate a yummy Christmas dinner.
Maggie kept getting under this table!  She liked to sit there and drink her juice :)

After dinner we made our cookies for Santa like we do every year.  Chocolate Chip cookies, Santa's favorite. 

Hunter was a big help!
After we made cookies we went to see some Christmas lights, took baths, and fixed the reindeer their food. 

It was so funny.  Hunter kept spilling the carrots.  So cute! :)

Santa's milk (not pink)

We thought Santa and his reindeer would like what we left. :)
Santa came!!!


They both were excited... well Hunter was!  He knew what was going on.  Hunter was so excited about his new guitar.  He went for that first!  

Maggie was more interested in the 1/2 cookie Santa left.  :)

She also LOVED her big Minnie! (notice the cookie still in her hand)
More presents for Hunter...

Santa brought him this cool animal thing.  He loves it!

with his new nerf gun and target with glasses

Mags with her Charlie

and back under the table with Minnie this time! (and some chocolate on her face from the cookie)
The cookie was a big hit! :)

Then Hunter got to see his big present from Coach and Honey...
A Gator just like Cole guy!  He was so excited, but it was sooooo cold!  He tried to ride it, but it was just too cold. 

After breakfast we went to see family in Van Alstyne!  I wish we would have taken pictures!!! :( So sad!  The next day we had Christmas with Great Granddad.  And Hunter got to ride his gator...
off he goes...

Go Hunter Go! 

He got really good by the end of the afternoon!

He is ready to go back and drive some more!

Maggie and Luke :)

Monday we got up early, early and headed to Houston to see Nana, Grumpy, Nie-Nie, Uncle David and Baby Gracie.  Hunter was so excited!!
After we got there and had lunch and napped Hunter and Nie Nie made Texas snowmen cookies. 

He thought he was so big helping Nie-Nie. 

He picked out everyones snowmen and their color of scarf.

Then he helped put the nose on. 

Here they are! 

And he had to eat the head off first! :) 
Then it was off to presents...
Maggie looking at all her presents!

Uncle David helped Hunter open his presents.  Hunter LOVES Uncle David!!!

Everyone opening...

Maggie like Hunter's new Buzz phone.

Hunter was super excited about his Shaun the Sheep book!!!

And Maggie likes her giraffe!

Nana with sweet Gracie!

Okay so I am sooooo sad we didn't take many pictures at Nana and Grumpy's!!  It makes me so sad!  We had a wonderful visit.  Next time we will take more pictures!

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