Thursday, April 14, 2011

98 degrees in April!

We had such a great weekend this past weekend.  I have been meaning to blog about it, but just didn't sit down and do it.  So anyway... here it goes!

Friday we had a great evening with good friends eating pizza and watching the kids play.  Then Saturday morning we woke up had breakfast and then...
the kids couldn't wait to get outside! 

Maggie wanted to slide!!!

What a big girl!  She can do it all by herself! 

And she picked up lots and lots of pecans. 

Sweet hands

Lookin' for pecans.  She picked up a bunch and put them in a bucket. Thanks Mags! 

Then talked on the phone for a while

Hunter finally came outside to play too. 

I LOVE this picture!  He was playing in the basket goal house. 

After playing for about an hour we decided it was time to...

get out the pool!  Hunter had been asking for weeks!  We ran some errands, ate lunch, and took naps while waiting for the water to get warm. 
Hunter was the first one in.  "I love this pool!"

It was still a little cold for me and Maggie!  
so she walked around in her flip flops!  She LOVES these shoes!  She would wear them all the time if we would let her. 

And she played a little t-ball for a while. 

So cool! 

What is playing in the pool without water guns!  We were all shooting "dobes" (aka doves) with Hunter all afternoon. 

 He looks like he might just go swim underwater doesn't he??  Not this boy!  He doesn't like to get his head wet. :)

Once Maggie got used to the water she loved it!  She was sitting with Daddy in this picture. 

When we finally got out of the pool we all had to dance to some Marry Poppins before going inside. 

Here's Maggie dancing! :)

We had such a great Saturday, but that night we realized Maggie wasn't allergic to the new baby wipes I bought.  She had hand, foot, mouth disease.  Poor baby!  She is feeling much better now! 
Over all we had a super weekend and we are ready for another! :)

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