Monday, April 4, 2011


Hello!  My name is Katie Jennings and I am addicted to ribbon. :)  This past week I was determined to finish my spring wreath... mainly because I was tired of the Valentine wreath hanging on the door.  So this weekend, I finished it!! 
Now I just need to fix the Valentine frame on the mantel and Hunter and I need to make something to hang on the white door to the back yard.  

Also I wanted to introduce you to a new family member...
Please meet Lemonade (pronounced a little differently by his owner, Hunter)!  Now he is my kind of dog... doesn't shed, doesn't make messes in the house, and sleeps all night long.  Now if only the batteries would run out a little faster... he barks a lot!  Hunter and Maggie love him!  He had to go with Hunter and I to the grocery store last night.  I have to say... I kind of like this little guy! :)

Now on to Maggie... Have you ever wondered how you are supposed to feed your baby?  Well let me show you...
Maggie likes to feed her babies in the eyes. 

Both babies are fed like this.  I don't really know why.  She knows where her mouth is and she knows how to feed herself.  Let's hope she figures out where the bottle goes before baby number 3 gets here or we may have a problem. :)

Oh and she likes to take a little drink now and then, too! 

So are you ever bored and wondering... hummm I wonder what Hunter is doing?  Well let me show you...

If we are not outside 9 times out of 10 he is playing with his animals!

He LOVES them!  

I love to watch him play!  Today his favorite animal is his Bambi!  

Have a great Monday everyone! :)

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