Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Batter up!

Today was Hunter's first t-ball practice and boy was he excited!  I think he told everyone at school and when we got home t-ball is all he talked about!  He could not wait!  

Hunter and Daddy walking out to his field.  We are the purple Rays team! 

The first thing the kids did was circle up and introduce themselves.  They were to say their name and then say something they like.  Most of the kids were a little shy, but not Hunter!  He said, "My name is Hunter and I like football!" :)  That's our boy! 
Next up was a little stretching...

and then time to run the bases!  

Hunter ran super fast!  I think he liked this the best. 
After running the bases they played in the field for a little bit.  They worked on fielding the ball and throwing it to first base.  Then it was time for batting.  Hunter stayed in the field for a little bit and waited his turn. 
Here he is with his friend Emma.  They were in the ready position... ready to get the next ball hit their way! :)  
And they had to talk to each other a little bit. :)
Here is Hunter with Coach Mike.  He really likes Coach Mike by the way!  I am so glad! 
Go Hunter-man!  Here he is running home! :)
He was the only one to hit the ball into the outfield, by the way. :)
After batting it was time to be done.  All the kids came in and Coach Mike asked if anyone had any questions.  Well Hunter raised his hand.  He told everyone he really liked running the bases.  Then they all put their hands in and yell a GO RAYS!  

I am so excited that Hunter likes t-ball.  We really didn't know how he would do or if he would really like it.  He LOVES it!  He listened and tried to do exactly what Coach Mike told him to do.  We are are excited about this season and watching Hunter play.  Go Rays! :)

Oh and what about Maggie... she loved playing outside and cheering on her brother. 

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