Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So who get's their tired almost 4 year old up at 10:45 to catch a gecko??  Oh yeah... that we would be us!  Hey it's summer! 

So last night Ben went out to turn off the water and noticed this big gecko.  You see, Hunter has been hunting geckos all spring and hasn't been able to find one in a few weeks.... so I told him he had to go get Hunter and let him catch him!  Hunter slept later than normal and still had a good nap yesterday, so I figured he wouldn't be asleep yet.  Well I was right.  Hunter was super excited! 
He went right outside and grabbed him.  He is not afraid to pick up a gecko.  It doesn't bother him at all! He brought it in to show me and as I was trying to get a picture he dropped it.  He had to get the net to get him inside because Kiddo (our cat) really wanted to eat him.  Anyway... here is Hunter with his gecko! :)

The big gecko! :)  Don't worry after we took pictures Hunter let him go outside and even gave him a june bug to eat.  

What a great night!  Hunter woke up saying he dreamed about geckos! :)  I love that sweet boy!  So my advice to you is... Wake your kids up and let them chase geckos at 10:45 at night!  They are only little for so long and will want to catch geckos with you for so long.  Enjoy it!  Make memories! :) 

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