Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hunter!!!

I can't believe it!  My Hunter-man is 4 years old today!!!  He is getting so big!  Please, someone tell me how to slow him down!  He is growing too fast! :) 

I really wanted to post a picture of baby Hunter on this post, but all of his baby pictures aren't on this computer :( so... I thought I would share some of his party pictures. 

For those of you who came to Hunter's party Saturday, Thank you so much!!!  He had a blast!  Thank you so much for being there to help him celebrate his big day!  
Here are some pictures so everyone can see...

He decided on the day after Christmas that he wanted to have a Longhorn/Colt McCoy birthday party.  So here we go...

The party table!

Ben made these awesome 4 labels for the gatorade. 

Football cookies... of course. :)

Football cake pops

Longhorn cookies! (You can find a longhorn cookie cutter at Hobby Lobby by the way.)

And his football cake!  I have to say this was the easiest cake I have ever made. He loved it! 
One more picture of the decor.

Yes, I moved all the furniture back last saturday and painted signs just like in high school.  I tried to get Kelly to come down and stay up super late making signs and baking goodies for Matt, but she wasn't able to come. :(  It would have been just like old times...  Maybe next year! :)

Here is Hunter's run-through sign.  Go Hunter!

We made sure they were able to get through it! 

I think they liked it! 

Some of the boys standing by the field goal.  One of the games we were going to do was kick field goals, but I really didn't think about that to much... I didn't realize they would all be barefoot.  It's kind of hard to kick without shoes!  At least Brady got a good field goal!  He was wearing shoes! :)
They had fun playing in the pool! 

and squirting each other...

and some slip-n-slide. :)

Here is a picture of Kylee.  She was in Hunter's class at school this year and Hunter just loves her!  

Sweet Logan!!!  Playing football with the big kids!  He wasn't scared at all! 

This is Emma!  She is such a sweetie!  Hunter is on her t-ball team and talks about her all the time. :)

More pool time...

Hunter loves Logan!  
Even Maggie got in the pool with Brooke.  She loves Brooke!

Sweet Gracie played in the little pool. :)

We got the tires to do the tire run like the football players do... but we ended up just playing in them. Here is Kade hiding in the tires! 

Time for lunch! 

The little kids table! :) By the way they are getting to big!!!  They aren't babies anymore. :(

And now cake time.  We got the candles to light this time, thank goodness! :)

Isn't this a precious picture of little Owen!  He is too cute!!!

Maggie and Owen saying cheese while eating cookies! :)

More pool time...

And some presents.

Hunter had a great party!  He had so much fun playing with all his friends!  Happy Birthday, Hunter-man!!!  We love you so much!!!!

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