Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sweet Maggie

Since most of our last posts have been about Hunter I thought Maggie needed a post, too!  These pictures are from Saturday.  After we went to the pool we had to get a snow cone.  Ben could eat snow cones all day everyday by the way! :)  This was Maggie's first snow cone ever!  She liked it! :)

Notice her hair.  It was wild! :)  Pool hair... and if you touched it, it felt like I put a can of hair spray in it. She also got snow cone all the way down her shirt.  (By the way... Yes, Keri!  This is the onesie you got her I think at her baby shower.  She can still wear it!  And to be honest it's one of my favs!!! :) Don't worry it all came out in the wash! 

So what is Miss Maggie up to these days??  Well she LOVES to climb!  She can climb up a wall if you tell her not to.  We have really high chairs at our table and yep, she can climb up them.  She isn't afraid of anything.  I really think she is going to be my gymnast.  She will show you her handstand if you ask her to. :)  She is so funny!  She is so busy and into everything.  I do wish she would stop experiencing the world with her mouth though.  She still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.  She is also very loud.  If she wants something, she will let you know!  She is talking all the time, but most of the time we don't know what she is saying.  She wants to talk so bad.  But I will tell you if we are at a store and I have to pick her up because she wants to run off, she will yell "Help Me!" :)  One of her favorite things to do is put away her dirty clothes before getting into the bathtub.  She loves it.  She runs into her room, throws them in dirty clothes basket and runs back.  She will also throw away wet diapers if I ask her to.  Sometimes she throws other things in the trash, too.  You know like DVDs and sippy cups. She is my snuggle bunny.  This week we had a big storm roll through and she woke up.  It was so sweet.  I ended up sleeping in her room with her and she just snuggled with me all night.  She also gives the best hugs.  I love when she puts her little head on my shoulder.  She is still pretty tiny.  Most of her clothes are 6-12 months.  Ben and I forget how smart she really is because she is still so small.  She LOVES to read.  Books are one of her favorite things!  There are times when I am like... where is Maggie??  And she is sitting in her room reading books.  She's still not to interested in coloring much, but I am hoping she is the one who likes to do crafts with me one day.  (Hunter would rather play then color.)  I also painted her toe nails the other night.  She did really well while I was painting them, but decided she did not like the pink color on her nails.   :)

 On Monday Maggie got her fingers stuck in the door of a cabinet in the bathroom.  It was AWFUL!  I really don't know how she did it.  I don't know how she got her fingers in there, but the door was closed on her little fingers and I had to open it and pull then out to get them unstuck.  I really thought we were going to have to go to the ER.  She is totally fine now.  She was moving them and everything afterwards, but ohh man it was scary!  You can still see the mark on her fingers. :(  Poor baby!!  

We are so thankful for our little Maggie Moe!  She is such a blessing!!!  We love you, Maggie!

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