Saturday, June 18, 2011

Go Rays!

Well we had another t-ball game today.  Go Rays!  But can you tell by this face that Hunter's friends weren't at the game?
Poor guy!  His friends Emma and Wyatt had other things this weekend and had to miss the game.  Hunter did great though!  There were only 3 other kids on his team who showed up!  It was kind of weird!  
Here he is getting a grounder before the game. 

That boy can throw a baseball, too! 

1st time at bat.  I only got him batting one time because Maggie was a little distracted at this game.  She wanted to be out on the field, too.   

Hunter got to bat 3 times and had a good hit each time.  His 3 hit was awesome!

Run Hunter, run! 
I am so proud of this little man!  He did awesome today.  It was soooo hot outside.  He really played hard.  The other 3 kids on the team didn't act like they wanted to be there.  Hunter was the only one fielding the ball!  You will have to ask Ben about what really went on during the game.  All I can say is... I am so proud of my Hunter-man!  Oh and come back Emma and Wyatt!!  We need you!!!            Go Rays! 
Like I said before, Maggie didn't have her best game today.  She didn't really want to sit in her chair. 

There wasn't very many people there and so she really just wanted to go out and play, too!  Plus she woke up super early and it was sooo hot.  She just wanted to run around.  I don't blame her! 

But by the time we got home and sat down for some lunch... she was out!  Notice the cheeto still in her hand.  She did finish the cheeto on her way to bed.  So sweet!  We took naps and then it was off to the pool!  

Hope you all had a great Saturday! :)

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