Monday, April 2, 2012

Disney On Ice!!

Honey took Peter Pan and Rapunzel to see Disney on Ice this past weekend and they had a blast!!!
Oh... and I got to go too, while Ben and Coach went and road 4wheelers.  All in all, a great weekend!!
About to leave for Dallas!  They were so excited to wear their costumes.  I thought it was so cute!!

Waiting to go inside the American Airlines Center

Here is Maggie when she saw this...
She was so excited!!!!
Hunter got to pick out this light up sword.  He also sat in Honey's lap the whole time.  

Some pictures from the show...
The Princess and the Frog.  The kids have never seen this movie, but they liked the skating show.  

Cinderella!  Hunter's response to these mice... "They are much bigger than the movie!"

And for the best part of the show...
Rapunzel flying on her hair. 

Maggie and Hunter both loved how they flew!
Maggie had to get up and dance! 
Then Hunter had to join her! 

It was so cute!  They LOVED the show!  Thank you Honey!!!

We ended our weekend with a little fishing.  Hunter loves to fish!  He has gotten good at it too!  So when he woke up early on Sunday, Ben told him to grab his pole and off the went. 

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