Friday, April 27, 2012


It's Friday!!  Woohoo!!  
So here's a peek at our week...

laundry... it never ends!  on monday i decided i would clean the washer.  has anyone ever done that?  i have never really thought about it until i saw it on pinterest.  well, let's just say it wasn't as easy as it sounded, but it looks a lot better than this before picture! 
noticed this on monday!  don't worry, i think we hit 100 again today.  last time i looked it was still april!  why are we already hitting triple digits?
baseball practice in the backyard has turned into an everyday event! :)
one happy little lady after school on tuesday.  she loves going to "cool".  while driving away on tuesday she yelled, "bye cool!"

starting to not feel well... :(

look what i finally finished for the little kids to wear to all of hunter's baseball games!  go fighting irish!

bubble swords on wednesday.  these make great bubbles! you can get them at michaels!   

archer had lots of naps on wednesday!  too many!  it was weird... he NEVER sleeps this much! 

don't let that sweet smile fool you!  he did not feel good. 

so what do you do with daddy while mom is away and it's 103 outside??  play in the sprinkler!!!

watch out!  you might get a little wet!  i think we will be getting a pool pretty soon! :)

so thursday, i took 0 pictures.  it was to busy, crazy! i took archer to the doctor to find out that he does have an ear infection. :( boo!

start off our friday with a little tramp time

maggie finally wanted me to paint her toenails!!!  YAY!  i was so excited!  she wanted them to be "peet". (aka pink)

played a little pizza party!  hunter and maggie love this game and maggie is good at it, too! :)

this little guy is still not feeling well.  now he has a rash on the lower half of his body.  it's really starting to worry me, i'm not gonna lie!  i'm hoping he can wait going back to the doctor until after cheerleading tryouts tomorrow... well see.  

so that's our week in a nutshell! 
have a great weekend, everyone! 

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  1. Found you through the link up. Your babies are so cute. I love the toe pic. Baby toes painted are so super cute!