Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Gymnastics

before you read this post, go to itunes and play some Olympic music while reading.  lol :) 

So this summer Hunter, Maggie and Logan took gymnastics every Monday for 6 weeks.  It was great!  I honestly don't know who liked it more, the kids or me.  I had so much fun hanging out with Julie while watching our cute kids.  Here are lots pictures from gymnastics!  

Seriously... Olympic music. :) 

First Day

End of the first day... they were super excited about the candy and were just a little sweaty :)

Maggie and Logan's favorite (I think) The trampoline! 

pictures with the good camera....
Stretching :) 

Hunter loved gymnastics, but he was ready to do some boys events!  He is going to be in the boys class this fall, we hope! 

Over all they all had a great time!  Now we are ready to watch the Olympics! 
Go USA! 

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