Friday, July 27, 2012

Insta-Friday :) Last week in July 2012

This week we have been visiting family in Houston.  We have had such a great time!  
Take a peek at our week...
Saturday morning run before the long drive to Houston

On our way...

Big car wreck so Hunter took a pic for us. 

Fun with sweet Gracie on Saturday evening
Sunday lunch for Grumpy's Birthday

Pool time after naps

This girl LOVES to stunt! 
LOVE this sleepy boy!

Catching lizards with Brooke before she and David had to leave on Monday :(

Ready to see some dinosaurs on Tuesday

Hunter was so excited! 

Daddy and Momma date to Ikea on Wednesday

I picked this up while we were out!  Can. Not. Wait.  :)
Beach Day Thursday

1st day at the beach!  He ate a little sand :)

pretty girl loving the beach

Hunter has become a little fish this week.  he loves the water! 

I am really hoping they all do this

all the way home tomorrow.  We have a long drive back.  

More beach and trip pictures coming soon.  
Have a great weekend, everyone!  

Oh and the Olympics start tonight!!  WooHoo!!!!  
Men's gymnastics starts Saturday! 
Women's gymnastics starts Sunday!!!  You know what we'll be doing... :) 

life rearranged

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