Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gingerbread house 2011

Like I said in the pervious post, Christmas really snuck up on me this year.  So we are just now doing our Gingerbread house.  Actually I am kind of glad we are just now getting to it.  Ben is home all week, so this gave us something special to do this morning!  Here are some pictures of our awesome house... 
Let's start decorating! 

Hunter looks forward to making our gingerbread house every year.  And a hint... I always buy a new gingerbread house kit after Christmas and hide it away until next year.  So much cheaper! :)

HI!  Okay now get out of my face.  I am busy! 

Maggie busy eating candy!  

Our house.  This year I built the house on Christmas day thinking we would have time to decorate it... well that didn't happen until today.  I really liked the icing today though.  It was not as runny as it has been in the past.  We might do it this way every year. 

Sneaky girl!  Trying to get more candy!

Even Daddy did a little decorating!  (Would someone please call him and tell him to shave, by the way! Just because he is off all week doesn't mean he should go without shaving... just sayin'! lol love that guy!)

Adding a little more candy

She might have just eaten a marshmallow snowman... maybe???

Almost done. Notice the wreath in the back. haha

Our lovely house 2011

This was our 3rd year to try making gingerbread houses and I think we might be getting better... maybe!  We are having fun anyway.  If you would like to see last years house, click here.  And if you are looking for a very cute Christmas book about gingerbread houses you should check out... Mortimer's Christmas Manger. 
My kids love it!  We read it every year! 

Hope you all are having a great week! 

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