Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What we did Wednesday!

Wednesday was dentist day!!  WooHoo! :) 
Hunter and Maggie both got to see Dr. Proctor.  Hunter always does so good!  He has been practicing opening his mouth really wide for Dr. Proctor. :)  He makes me smile!  

So cool! 
Hunter went first!  His teeth look great!  He does such a good job brushing.  

Next up...
Maggie Moe!!! 
This was her first time to see the dentist.  She did AWESOME!!!  

Maggie is our spicy child.  She is very hard headed and she knows what she wants.  It has been so hard to get her to let me brush her teeth.  Just getting a toothbrush in her mouth was a chore.  Not to long ago I got her this...
She has gotten sooo much better!!  She let's me get those "Sugar Bugs" now.  I just wish she would have let me brush sooner! 

Maggie got to play a little bit while waiting on Dr. Proctor to come count her teeth. 

She got a little nervous at the end and so Bubba got in the chair with her and held her hand.  He is the best! :)  

So how did they look... aka how well is Mom and Dad brushing their teeth... Well Hunter has perfect teeth!  He looks great!!  Maggie has one cavity. :(  boo!  We will have to get that fixed soon!  Anyone want to take her to get her cavity filled???  Anyone??  I think Daddy should take her?  What do you think? 

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  1. *tear! the last picture is just too sweet! What a good big brother :) I've worked dentistry for the last 13 years and seeing the children come and go and grow has been such a treat! Best of luck with your upcoming appt....remind her of how well she did with this one and that she can do it again!!!