Friday, February 1, 2013

Insta-Friday February 1st

Another crazy, busy week for the Jennings!  Here's a peak at our week...

Two sweet kids waiting for Coach and Honey to get here.  They couldn't wait to play with them while Daddy was at a board meeting and I was with the cheerleaders. :) 

Love my cheerleaders!  Hardin-Simmons Fighting Cowboys, YeeHaw! 

Pancakes for dinner after Awanas! Love my favorite Sparkie! 

(for some reason this pic didn't save to my phone so I had to take a picture of it...) 
Great way to start the week with these 5 amazing kids!  Love them all! 

back at the gym on Monday! 

the last bit of Christmas Blend going in the coffee canister... LOVE. THIS. STUFF.

Getting ready for Dixie Little league on Monday evening! :) 

A much needed run after a busy Monday! 

best way to get everyone to eat dinner... have them make it!!  Pizza night on Monday! 

Hunter didn't have homework on Tuesday, but insisted he needed to make something.  This is what he made!!!  LOVE my big boy soooo much!!!

baking Wednesday for school on Thursday.  So glad I remembered to put them in the car so they actually made it to school. 
A good day at school got everyone an ice cream cone from "Chick-a-la" says Maggie.  This was Archer's first time to get to hold and eat one by himself.  He was surprisingly clean.  He ate it ALL!

Another basketball game on Thursday.  Love my seniors.  Gonna miss them next year! 

Giddy up Cowboy!!!  He loves riding the rocking horse!  (friday)

who loves gold fish???  these kids!!! 

Love my runs!!  Especially when i get to run in shorts!!!  Come on Spring!!! 

3 bubbly kids to end our Friday!  Love them!!! 

Tomorrow is baseball sign ups!!  Woohoo!!  And the last basketball game of the season.  We have cheered at 12 games in the last 15 days... I absolutely LOVE my job and LOVE my amazing cheerleaders, however I am glad to have a little break!  

Have a great weekend, everyone! 

life rearranged

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