Friday, October 4, 2013

Insta-Friday T.G.I.F.

Who remembers this????
Oh how I used to love Friday night tv.  Do you remember??  
So I don't really remember the dinosaur show, but I loved the other 3 especially Full House!  
It was my favorite! Those were the days..

Okay now on to Insta-Friday!  
Here is a peek at our week...
Birthday boy had a great birthday party on Saturday!  
See birthday post, here
puzzles with Coach :) 
LOVING the new sandbox, Sunday!  
Thank you to everyone for talking Ben into keeping it!  The kids have played in it every day this week! 
Ballet Monday :) 
Love our little ballerina! 
Littlest man had hand, mouth foot disease all week.  So not fun!  
He is all well now, thank you Lord! 
Okay so you all probably heard screams on Monday afternoon around 5:45, right?  Well it was Maggie.  We had to get this AWFUL splinter out of her foot.  She did NOT like it one bit! 
Pj party at school on Tuesday.  I still feel weird sending my kid to school in pj's.  It's just weird. :)  He had fun, though! 
fun coloring in the kitchen.  I love my kitchen!  The kids love to play and color while I cook!  So fun! :) 
Archer had to wear his backpack to meet the bus on Thursday. 
We had to get a few bike rides in this morning!  It's supposed to get cold tomorrow... like at the time we have a football game it's going to be about 46 with the windchill at 40.  It's gonna feel like fall! 

Have a great weekend! 

life rearranged

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