Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Homecoming 2013

God is so good, all of the time!  
We had such a great weekend this past weekend in Abilene.  (Yes Julie, I am crying as I type this.)  We went home for homecoming and let me just tell you it was such a wonderful weekend! 
We left Wichita on Thursday night and went to Gainesville to spend the night with Coach and Honey and then drove on to Abilene after lunch on Friday. 

Friday evening we went to visit the Hays!  Words can not express how much I love this family!!  We had such a great time.  It was loud as all the kids were playing, and I LOVED every minute of it! 
Time for some pizza! 

This sweet boy has grown so, so much!!  I love you, Drew-Bear!!!! 

They look sleepy, don't they... they weren't! :) Just stopped to watch a little tv before bath. 

These two are growing to much!! 

Fun in the tub! 

Hunter loves Drew!  
This little guy has my heart!  Julie was giving Drew a bath and Logan asked me to read him a book.  It was just so special.  He sat in my lap like his has done ever since he was an infant and we read.  I miss hearing his little voice everyday.  I am so thankful that I got to read to him and that he wanted to sit in my lap.  Logan, you made my weekend!!! 

We totally forgot to take a picture on the field like we normally do.  I'm just glad we got this picture!  Love you, Julie! 

Saturday morning we woke up and headed to HSU for the Kids Posse! 
We walked up and my awesome cheerleaders picked up our kids and took off with them to play.  It was so good to see my cheerleaders!  My kids had been talking about them for weeks.  They had a great time playing with them!  

Archer went right to Sheridyn! He loves her!  And I'm so glad she took some pictures other wise I wouldn't have any of these! 

We love the 6 White Horses!! 

Maggie was excited to see Logan at the Kids Posse! 

We love Morgan! 
We love all the HSU Cheerleaders!  I wish I would have gotten more picture of everyone! 

After the kids posse it was time for some lunch, so we went to the rice place. And it's not a trip to Abilene without going to the Zoo! 

We had to say hello to Albert! 

And we were excited to see the Caribbean Cove! 
After the Zoo and a quick trip to our favorite ice cream store we headed back to HSU for the football game! 

Hunter was excited to see our old neighbor, Brady!  They played football from about 3:00 to 5:30 non stop!  They had so much fun!  We miss you, Brady and Carter! 

It was so good to see my former cheerleaders!!!  I miss this girl! 

During the 4th quarter HSU Cheer alumni are invited to the field to cheer with the team!  We had a blast!  Makes us feel young... and old all at the same time! :) 

Wolf Wall!  Go Cowboys! 

We still got it! :) 
I think the crowd was the loudest when Maggie stunted!  :) 
Maggie has been telling everyone for a while now that she is marring Logan!  Wouldn't that be amazing!!?!  

My favorite picture... he's got his lollipop and his girl... what else does he need? lol :) 
Yes, we were the last people to leave the field.  Until next year, HSU... GO COWBOYS!!! 

Sunday, Ben and I slept in.  It was amazing!!!  Then we played and played outside with Coach and Honey! 

Look out, Maggie is driving! 

ALWAYS playing football! 

Taking lots of rides on the 4wheeler! 

Look who else is driving?!!

Crazy girl! Love her! 

Just give him a football... 

Thank you, Lord for blessing us with such an amazing weekend!!  
I wish we could have seen everyone in Abilene!  There were so many other people that we wanted to see, but we will be back!  

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