Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pumpkin Painting :)

This post is a little late.  I think we did this about 3 weeks ago, but hey... it was fun.

So if you know me, you know I love crafts!  I loved making crafts with my preschool class at Beltway and I LOVE making crafts with my kids!  Can I tell you a secret??  I have been a little disappointed with Maggie's school because she comes home with NO CRAFTS!  Zero!  0.  Hunter brings home more crafts then her and he is in kindergarten!!!  Okay, maybe she comes home with a page with stickers on it and sometimes a water color painting... but that is all.  Where are the fall crafts, people??!!  Come on!  A Mama needs some cute preschool crafts! :) Lol :) 

So I have pulled out my Beltway school calendar from last year and we are making crafts, baby! 

Here is a simple, simple pumpkin we made a few weeks ago....

Super easy... you simply paint the back of a paper plate orange.

P.S.  shirts come off when we paint! :) 

Archer was LOVING it!!!  
Really they all love to paint and were having fun, but Archer was super excited because he hasn't painted as much as the other two. 

He did really well!  I didn't help him at all! 

Concentration... it must be very orange... it is a pumpkin!

What you couldn't really see is that Maggie needed hers to sparkle!  So we had to add a little glitter! Love her! 
We let it dry for a couple of days... or maybe a week.  And then we made them into jack-o-lanterns. 

Here is what they came up with! :)  They are now sitting on our kitchen table.
  We are going to make spiders and maybe a bat tomorrow! 
Happy Crafting, ya'll! :) 

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