Friday, October 18, 2013


Insta-Friday is back!! 
Sorry I didn't post last week.  We were in TX! :)  

Anyway... here's a peek at our last 2 weeks! 

The coldest football game at 8:30 in the morning!  So cold Archer sat in my lap the whole time with a blanket! He NEVER sits still!  But we WON!  Go Hunter-man!!!! 

"Me, cheese-in!"

Saturday night movie night... watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"

Pumpkin Patch with our awesome neighbors!! 
see post here

Just a few pumpkins on our porch!  We love fall!! 

It's ballet Monday! I love my little ballerina! 

This seriously happened a week ago! 
The bike rider!  So proud of this boy! 

Lovely morning playing with the kids... drawing with the side walk chalk... riding bikes and then this happened... 

Archer's favorite night of the week is Wednesday!  Big kids are at AWANA... Mama and Daddy all to himself! 

A little fall treat for our awesome teachers!

Breakfast with Bubba at school!  So much fun!!! 

Maggie and her sweet friend, Abby at school after their pumpkin hunt! 
These kids are THE BEST!!!  So fun last Friday with the Hay family!! 

Hello HSU Cheerleaders!!!! This made us all happy! 

My absolute favorite 3 year olds, almost 4 year olds!  
By the way, they will be married one day! 

See our homecoming post here

Back to school on Monday...

and back to ballet!
I have to say I LOVE Mondays!  While Maggie is in class, Archer goes to the kids zone and I get a little run in at the Y.  It's awesome!  I just run for 30 minutes and then go watch the rest of her class. 

She wanted her hair straight like mine... I love her sweet curls best!  But she thought her hair was sooo long and was so proud of it!  Love her so much! 

Last football practice for this fall! 

Cold morning at the bus stop on Thursday! 

We knew it was supposed to rain on Friday, so we played outside until the sun went down on Thursday! Look at this boy ride!

The kids were so excited!  It was snowing (and raining) on us today when we took Ben his lunch!  It's only October... I'm so not ready for snow! 

You know... just trying to catch a snow flake!

We have our last 2 football games in the morning!  I'm praying it starts to warm up soon or I might be wearing everything in my closet in the morning!  It's gonna be cold! 

Have a great weekend, ya'll! 

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