Sunday, November 17, 2013

Big weekend for Archer

Well it was finally time... time for Archer's first haircut! 
Hunter had his first haircut well before he turned 1!  Maggie has had a few haircuts, but I don't think she got her first until she was about 2 and a half.  Saturday was Archer's big day! 

Coach, Daddy and Hunter took him to the Barber Shop to see Robert!  Robert always cuts Hunter and Coach's hair and sometime Daddy's.  He was also the one to give Hunter his first hair cut! :)  

Waiting patiently for his turn...

Hunter went first so Archer could see what was about to happen. 

He was a little afraid at first.  He also had to wait a while for his turn.  Ben thinks he would have done better if they didn't have to wait so long.  Robert is a busy guy on Saturday mornings! :) 

Once he got going, Archer did great! 

Such a big boy! 

Robert, Coach and Archer!  
Archer was so proud of his haircut!  Last night during his bath Archer kept telling Honey, "You're ruining it!!! You ruining my hair!"  So cute!  He didn't want to mess up his hair!  
Thank you, Robert for the haircut and the lollipop! :) 

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