Friday, November 15, 2013


I really need to start blogging more!  Only posting an Insta-Friday is lame!  
My goal for this coming week... more blogging!  Let's see if I can do it! :) 
For now... here's a peek into our week...

The real reason for my run Saturday... Starbucks in a red cup! 

Another picture of neighbor love!  They were making a train...

More craftiness on Saturday night... burlap door hangers are my thing these days! 

This was our forecast on Sunday... Praise the Lord we did NOT get snow Tuesday! :) 

Ballet Monday with Buddy the bunny. 
Maggie got to bring Buddy home for the weekend from school!  She LOVES him. 
Oh and did a mention she cried (I mean big tears and everything) all the way home from school on Thursday because she missed Buddy so much. :(  Sad day! 

This was the temp at the bus stop on Tuesday... 
Umm... yeah I happily DROVE Hunter to the bus stop!  Who cares if it was just 3 houses down.  This was WAY to cold for this Texas girl!!! 

One of my favorite things to do... watch my babies sleep while praying over them at night!  They are the biggest blessing!  Love them so, so much! 
P.S. Archer has fallen in love with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  It's so cute! 

Up to 19 miles so far in November! Woohoo!  I set my goal pretty low (only 30 miles) but I am super excited my foot has been okay.  Still hurts, but I'm good!  No Pain, No Gain! 

This boy can make any day a Happy Day!!  
Love him so very much!!!! 

Christmas shirts are here!!!!! 
We LOVE them!  Maggie's is actually a dress.  And if you notice, Hunter's not only is made out of fake but feels like real leather, it is also Texans' colors (navy, red & white)!  He was one excited little boy!  
Although her shop is now closed for the holidays, I love London Stitches on Etsy!  Janna does AMAZING work! If you need a cute shirt for your kids, check out London Stitches! 

More crafts!  
I made this burlap Santa this week.  So excited for Christmas!!! 

Beautiful sunset today in OK on our drive to Coach and Honey's! 
I was hoping we would get to drive the the Arbuckle mountains in the daylight... dumb OK City traffic.  Oh well, maybe on Sunday! :) 

A little blurry, but we made it! 
Texas our Texas!  Oh Hail the Mighty State! 

Have a great weekend, everyone!!  
Let's see if I blog more this week....

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