Friday, November 8, 2013

Insta-Friday November :)

Can it really be November already??  
We had another great week here in Kansas! 
Here's a peek at our week...

Thank you, Aunt Sarah for my awesome new Pioneer Woman cookbook!! 
I made her chicken chili (but without the beans) this week.  Yummy! 

Time to tackle Daddy!!! 

The feet are back, people!  I'm still not 100% healed... my achilles tendon is still not that much better, but I can run at the YMCA on the elliptical.  I know... its not the same, but it's better than nothing!  Praying I'll be running outside again soon!  #30milesinnovember

I made this gobble gobble this week out of burlap and I'm planning on making some Christmas ones this weekend! 

Sunday night = TEXANS football!!!  Case Keenum did amazing!!!!!!  So good!  We are so proud!  Can't wait to watch again Sunday!!  Go Texans!!! 

Ballet Monday! :)

Rain in the forecast for Tuesday calls for riding cars and playing outside as much as possible on Monday! 

So glad Daddy is home on Monday night! 

Rainy cold day, so some fall painting was in order! 

"Cheese and Sprinkles" on the rocks waiting for Hunter and the bus stop on Wednesday!  

This boy would NOT nap on Wednesday.  He is normally the best sleeper!  I finally gave in and let him watch some Mickey Mouse and this happened... sweet sleepy boy! 

Another burlap door hanger in the house! 
Go Texans!! 

Throw Back Thursday... My sweet Hunter-man is hanging in the hallway across of the kitchen in kiddie park at Beltway!  Oh how we miss Beltway!!!! We are still looking for a church home.  Nothing compares to the people of Beltway, but I know God has a place for us here, too!  We'll just keep looking! :) 

They wanted a picture together before we walked Hunter to the bus stop this morning!  
Best Friends Forever! 

Do you have any plans this weekend??
Ben's going to be doing something to get our sprinklers ready for the winter.  (whatever that is)  And besides playing with our sweet kids, I plan on painting some more burlap! :) 
Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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