Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hallowee 2013

It's taken me a while, but here is our Halloween update! 

After school we went up to The Eagle (Ben's work) to trick-or-treat around his office!  They kids had so much fun!  This was Archer's first time to really trick-or-treat.  Last year he just road in the stroller and watched the big kids.  He knew just what to do... and he wanted the candy his way.  He didn't want someone to put a piece or two into his bucket.  He wanted to be the one to grab a handful, a large handful and put it into his bucket. It was so funny to watch! 

Then after dinner it was time to trick-or-treat with our awesome neighbors!
Notice Archer did not want in the picture and he did not want to wear his Mickey ears... oh well! 

Off they go! 

Archer was always the one trailing behind!  So cute! 


Maggie was so excited! 
(as you can tell she was running... sorry it's a little blurry!)

To the next house! 
All the kids did a great job!  We had a lot of fun watching. 

We had bought Maggie a very cute Little Mermaid costume.  It is really cute and she was all about the little mermaid around her birthday... well she wanted to be a cat.  So I found some ears and she got that very cute tutu from a friend for her birthday.  I think she turned out super cute!  Maybe she'll be The Little Mermaid next year. 
Hunter LOVES his Spiderman costume, by the way!  He wears it ALL THE TIME! 

Archer was done... no more pictures!  Just give him candy! 

We have so much candy, people!  Seriously... someone needs to come and take it! 
Love this sweet boy so much!!! 
Over all we had a great Halloween!  It was so much fun!

Want to see a funny video??
My kids would definitely be sad if this really happened. lol :) 

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