Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It has been beautiful in Kansas the last few days!  I'm hoping Spring has sprung!  So what have we been doing... playing outside!!!!!
Picnic at the park on Monday!

It was 70 degrees and yes Hunter and Maggie were dressed like it was 100! :) 

They were all so excited to use their lunch box, they ate their whole lunch!!!  Even Maggie!  Maybe I should serve lunch in their lunch box every day! 

Slide races!!!! 

They love playing in the big sandbox, but I don't think they were supposed to sit in the "sand bathtub". They said they were taking a sand bath! 

After naps it was time for bikes!  Hunter wanted to ride bikes hoping Chloe would come out and play.  

She did! :) 

After bike riding and some lemonade it was time to jump while we fix dinner. 

Monday was a great, beautiful, fun day!!!  

So today we started off like Monday... outside!

This boy loves his sandbox!!! 

Then time to ride...

Little Miss Sunshine! 

Time for chalk! 

She was drawing mean robots.  

I love to watch them play!  They are all such a blessing!  I am so thankful for Hunter, Maggie and Archer!  I'm so thankful I get to watch them play everyday!  Thank you, Lord for my many blessings!!!
Happy Spring, y'all!!! 

Hope it doesn't snow next week! lol :) 

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