Friday, March 21, 2014

Insta-Friday: Spring Break!

Happy Friday, everyone!! 

We have had such a fun, relaxing week this week.  It was Spring Break for Hunter and so he got to spend the week as an only child!  I hope he had a good week!  Ben and I had a lot of fun with him!  He is such a sweet boy!!  Maggie and Archer got to spend the week with Coach and Honey!  I know they had a blast!  Archer has been talking non stop about the gator and the 4-wheeler.  Anyway... here is a peek at our week! 
We all spent last weekend at Coach and Honey's.  When we got in late Friday night Honey gave everyone a pair of roller skates!!  They kids LOVE them!  Maggie was so cute skating!! 

Maggie loves her Coach!! 
It was so cold on Sunday!  I packed the kids for Texas weather, not Kansas weather!!! oops! :) 

Ben, Hunter and I made it back to good old Kansas on Monday afternoon! 

What all did Hunter and I do... lots of swimming at the Y!  This kid has turned into a fish! :) 

We had a lunch date at Hunter's favorite place to eat, Subway.  
I seriously don't know why he likes it so much.  He gets a grilled cheese with olives?  Oh well... it made him happy, which makes me happy! :) 

After swimming with Daddy last night we took Hunter out for some special ice cream!  

I had so much fun with Hunter this week, but I am so happy to have everyone home!  Our house is loud and crazy again!  I love it!!  
Thank you Coach and Honey for loving on Mags and Archer this week!!  Thank you for letting me get some special time with just Hunter!  I'm excited to spend the weekend with my sweet family!! 

Have a great weekend, y'all! 

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