Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Special Announcement...

Pay raise at the Jennings!!!
This girl is no longer wearing diapers!!!!!  WooHoo!!!  
No more going through a huge box of diapers in 2 weeks!  2/3 of the kids are potty trained!  Is it to soon to potty trainer Archer!??!
I do have to say I take no credit in this process.  You see about a month ago I decided it was time, so I put this girl in panties and told her we were potty training.  Hahaha Well she did awesome for about 4 hours and then screamed and screamed to put diapers back on.  Back in diapers she went.  :(
So last Tuesday she woke up and refused to put on a diaper.  I did not think it would last.  I thought she would have one accident and she would be back in diapers, but no.  She wanted to use the potty and not her little training potty but the big potty.  If you know Maggie, you know that she has to do it her way or no way.  I really thought I would wake up the next day and we would be back to diapers, but it has been a week and she is doing great!!  She does wear pull ups at nap time and bed time.  She normal is dry when she wakes up, but I'm not ready to change sheets everyday.  We'll give her a little more time before we take away the pull ups!  
Way to go Maggie Moe!!!  

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