Sunday, August 31, 2014

Houston Trip 2014

We were so excited to go to Houston this summer to see our family!  We were even more excited that Daddy (Ben) was able to go with us this year!! Woohoo!!  We were there for a week and wish it could have been longer.  That week seemed to fly by!  So what all did we do while we were in H-town?

We started off with a wedding and it wasn't just any wedding it was Aunt Jayne's wedding!  We were so excited and happy that we were able to be there as we watched Ben's sister get married to Scott!  We were so happy to be apart of their special day!  Jayne and Gracie both looked beautiful and we had a lot of fun getting to know Scott and his family a little better.  

After lots of fun wedding activities we went to the pool!!  
We all had a blast at the pool!!  We went almost every day. So fun! 

We had so, so much fun at the Circus!!!! 

Hunter was excited to be where the Texans play!!  Go Texans!!! 

We got to the circus early so we could see the animals...
and so we could see and do some of the activities they had before the show.  Maggie, Gracie and Hunter learned a fun dance!  They were so fun to watch! :) 

Two cute girls watching some of the fun! 

I can't tell you how awesome the show was!  It was so neat!  We had so much fun! 
Thank you, Nana and Grumpy! 

We also went to the beach!!!  

We didn't get to go to the beach last year, so we all were super excited to go this year! 

Hunter loved being in the water and he made a little friend to play with, too.  

Mags and Arch loved the sand.  

Eating their picnic lunch... I don't think Hunter stopped playing to eat! 

Everyone out in the water with Daddy! 
There was lots of seaweed this year at Galveston, but we still had a blast!!! 

Grumpy and Archer making a muddy sandcastle! 

We didn't take that many picture at the beach this year. :(  I should have done a better job.  We did have a lot of fun, though!  We were all glad Uncle David got to come this year, too! 

We had such a wonderful visit this time in Houston.  I know I should have done a better job at capturing our fun in pictures.  I didn't get as many as normal, but we had the best time!!  We are so thankful that the Robinson's were there and that the kids now have an Uncle Scott to love!  Maggie still talks about Gracie everyday.  Thank you so much for a great week, Nana and Grumpy!  We love you so much!!  Can't wait to see you again soon! 

Nana taught Hunter a song on the piano!  I'm glad I got this sweet picture!  :)

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