Sunday, August 31, 2014

Insta-Friday: JULY :) Just a little late...

I'm still trying to catch up on what's been going on over here in Kansas. 
 Here's a peek at the month of July!  
I'll catch up one day...

Camp out in the living room!!  The kids slept in the tent in the living room for the weekend in July! So fun! :) 

Lots of baseball in July! 

Fun morning at the park!  They love to swing! 

Fun with Katie!!  We LOVE Katie and are always excited when she comes to play! 

Maggie started back up in the gymnastics!  Here she was showing off her Nadia hair! :) 

Our little gymnast!  

After gymnastics she had to put this on for the rest of the day!  Go Cowboys!!! 

We had such a fun night with our awesome neighbors for the 4th of July!  I really meant to write a post on it but never got around to it.  The 4th of July is crazy!!!  It's so much fun!  Everyone does fireworks in their driveway.  And I don't mean little fireworks... I mean the big stuff!  Just pull out your chairs and watch from your driveway!  No need to go to a show! :) We had a lot of fun with these kiddos and we ate some yummy food, too!  

Play-Doh fun! 

More baseball! 

A little rock climbing at the gym with the boys! 

Reading in the bathtub for part of his summer reading! :) 

We can't go through summer without a few bumps and bruises.  It broke my heart when Archer fell at Hunter's last baseball game. :(  Ouch!!! 

Lots of fun at the pool!!!! 

And lots of working out and playing at the gym, too! 

Hunter loved Fun Fit at the Y.  They played all sorts of games!  He always had a red face when I came to pick him up! 

Ready for our Houston trip! 

See this Kansas... we need one!!!!  

On our way to Houston talking about going to the beach! :) 

Playing the piano with Nana!  So sweet! 

It was the greatest show on earth!  Amazing!!!

Sweet cousins! 

Hooray for the beach!!! 

Look who learned how to drive the golf cart!!! 

We went back to school shopping with Holly!!!  

We had a great visit with Grammy Great!!  Only wish we could have taken her to get some Starbucks! :) 

Archer was in heaven with the new "toy" Coach got him!  He loves to fix things and so this was perfect! 

Road trip back to Kansas!!  
It was just me and the kids driving all the way from Houston to Wichita.  I'm so thankful we had a safe trip!  We did make lots of bathroom stops, though! :) 

back to the pool.... although after swimming in Texas this pool was freezing!!!! 

Maggie's new favorite hair style! 

Handstand anyone??? 

We had a great July!!  We are so blessed!  

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