Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Disney World 2014

The happiest place on earth! 
Okay... just so you know this is going to be a long post with lots of pictures and videos!  So watch out!!  

We went to Disney World in September!  WooHoo!  And i will say, YOU SHOULD ALL GO!!!  We had such an amazing time and September was awesome!  Thank you to one of my cheerleaders, Rae who told us to go in Sept!  Thank you!!  

Anyway... on to our trip!!! 

So we flew to Orlando on a really, really early flight!  
We had to leave the house at 5am to make it to the airport on time!  We got there before the sun came up! :) 

We were all so excited!! 
The kids slept in their clothes and we just took them out of their beds and right into the car to leave. 
I really thought they would sleep all the way to Dallas... nope!  They were excited! :) 

Looking for airplanes! 

Archer loved the airport! 

Mags being silly! 

So fun!! 

Maggie did not want her suitcase to be put in the storage bin!  Poor girl.  She liked rolling it though the airport. 

Archer just wanted to be prepared for a water landing, i think...

Above the clouds!  Mickey, here we come!! 
We had a really good flight and the kids did great!  Once we landed in Orlando we hopped on the Magical Express to our hotel/home for the week! 

Archer was looking for alligators on the way! 

There it is!!!! 

Home Sweet Home

Our beautiful hotel! 

I can't believe we got to stay here!  I don't know about you but ever since I was little and saw the Grand Floridan on the tv show Full House, I always wanted to stay there!  It was beautiful!!! I'm ready to go back! 

So we found our room and then headed to the Magic Kingdom!! 

First we had to do a little stunt while waiting on the ferry to take us to the castle! 

On the boat to the castle!  
Our room was right by the dock to the castle.  It was so nice and the fastest way to get to the Magic Kingdom.  Amazing! 

This guy was so excited! 

Our hotel

So pretty!! So fun! 

Here we go!!!! 

Can't you just hear the Disney music playing in the background??  I can! 

Love those magic bands!  

Honey and Hunter waiting for us to go inside! 

We had to stop and get a picture first! 

I loved the fall decorations! 

Just inside looking out onto Main Street USA! 

As we walked down Main Street we realized there was a show going on!  So we went and watched it! 
The kids really liked it and we got to see it again later on during the week! 

At one point they ask us all to chant, "Dreams Come True" and I catch Archer chanting it every once in a while still.  He's still dreaming of Disney World! 

Maggie's first look at a few princesses! 

We were starving at this point!  We hadn't eaten since we left Dallas, so we ran off to eat and then headed to our first fastpass... 

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger! 

We were waving at Buzz! 

After Buzz we headed over to the Laugh Floor... 

Being silly waiting to be seated! 
Hunter really liked the Laugh Floor and everyone liked the jokes!  
Then we stopped for a few more pictures...

You need to get a photo pass when you go to Disney! 

Oh and we met this guy... Can you believe it!?! 

After meeting Olaf it was time for a parade!
Maggie was so cute at the parade!  She was yelling and waving her little arm off at all the different characters!  She loved it!! And you know what... all of the characters waved to her or looked at her.  It was really neat! 

Here's a short video from the parade! 

We were pretty hot after the parade and needed a little snack.  Archer got this fruit bar and would not put it down!  He ate the whole thing!!! 

It was so funny!!! Everyone thought he was so cute while we were waiting to meet Merida from Brave. 

Maggie was so excited to meet Merida!!!  

After we met Merida the kids got to take a practice shot with her bow!  All 3 of them hit the bulls eye!  

Next up was Peter Pan!!!  Archer says this is his favorite ride!  I love this ride, too!  So much fun!!  This was always Hunter's first ride he ever rode at Disney World. 

We tried on a few hats!  :) 

Then headed off to It's a small World! 

It's a Small World Selfie!! 

Can you tell where we are next???

here's another hint! 

Rapunzel, let down you hair! 

Then we went to ride the carousel!  

And then we found this...
Gaston's Tavern

This is where we found our favorite drink at the park, LeFous Brew!  Yum!!! 

And we met this guy...

He was amazing!  He was just like Gaston in the movie!  Someone challenged him to a push up contest, so he did one arm push ups... and he did A LOT of push ups!  He told Maggie she didn't need to flex. She just needed to practice stirring like she is cooking.  

I wish you all could have seen him!  He was so funny!! I think he was Honey's favorite character! 

He was telling Maggie to find Belle and rescue her from the mean candlestick! 

After meeting Gaston we were ready to see Belle!  And guess what... we got to meet her!! 

We went to Enchanted Tales with Belle!  
This was awesome!!  Watch! 

Okay so here are the pictures from the performance! 
I can't believe the picked Hunter to be the beast!!  We were so excited!!!  He LOVED it! 

Maggie as Chip! 

He was so excited she kissed him!!! 

So after meeting Belle we rode a bus over to Disney Hollywood Studios to see the Frozen Firework show!  
Of course we stopped to take a few pictures with a sandy Olaf! 
 Then we split up.  Ben and Hunter went and rode Star Tours...

and they stopped for a picture! :) 

Honey, Maggie, Archer and I went to watch the Muppet's in 4D! It's a really cute show! :) 
Next up time for fireworks!! 

If you listen, you can hear Maggie singing!  She was singing as loud of she could!  Love that sweet girl! 

Then it started to snow!!! 

After a soapy snow, it was time to head home so we could rest up for the next day!!! 

What an amazing first day!  And what a long blog post!! Sorry about that!  
More to come from our trip to Disney World! 

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