Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flu Shot

Hunter got his flu shot this morning and let's just say it didn't go very well. Poor thing! After having such a hard time falling asleep and then waking up in the middle of the night, I hated to wake him up so early, but we had to be at Dr. Wiley's by 8 a.m. Hunter normally sleeps until at least 8:30 sometimes 9 if it was a rough night. Anyway...we got to the doctors office and waited for a little bit, not too long until he was called in. Then the crying began. I hate taking him to get shots without Ben, but he had to work this morning :( So I had to be the one to hold him down and then try to calm him down afterward. I felt awful!!! He finally stopped crying for a second while I paid, but quickly started back up about not getting a sticker. After I paid I went through the whole basket of stickers trying to let him decide which sticker he wanted. He didn't want any of them until we were out the door!!! He started kicking and streaming while I was carrying him across the parking lot and trying to get him in the car seat. Remember I'm 35 weeks pregnant...not as easy as it used to be. He decided to cry all the way home. (Note to time get a hand full of stickers and take them home even if he "don't want one"!) We picked up Daddy at home and went to United for a much needed donut! Here comes the funny part...we couldn't tell which sprinkled donut Hunter wanted so we got all 3. I was thinking he would pick one at the table and that would be it...he wanted them all. He ate off each donut and decided he liked the pink one with sprinkles the best. :) It was so cute!! He really only ate about 1 whole donut, but looked really cute with all 3 big donuts with 3 tiny bites taken out of each of them. Wish I had a picture! After the donuts everything was good! Praise the Lord!!! He was back to his happy self! For his next shot...Ben is going! :)

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