Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hunter's school

Thank you Lord for such a great week at school! Hunter had a great week! Last Thursday he had such a hard time on the way to school. He kept saying, "No wanna go, Momma". It broke my heart, but I knew once he got there he would have a blast, which he did. :) This week he started crying on Tuesday on the way there, but I remembered that his imaginary friend, Buzz Buzz the bee, had been over all day on Monday and thought maybe he would be going to school too. Monday Hunter had a friend over, Buzz Buzz. Buzz Buzz ate dinner with us and he even had a spot in Hunter's bed both at nap time and at bed time. Hunter was so cute carrying around his little friend. Anyway...I mentioned Buzz Buzz on the way and told Hunter he needed to be brave for him. He walked right into class after that! :) I was so excited! His teachers on Tuesday said he did great all day and he was one of the easiest kids to take care of that day. Today there were no tears at all. In fact he was excited to go! Thank you, Lord for blessing us with such a sweet boy and for having such a great school for Hunter. We are so blessed! :)

And thank you for such sweet neighbors. This picture is Hunter and his friend Brady. He lives next door. We feed their dogs last weekend and so they brought Hunter back a Ranger t-shirt. He loves it and had to wear it to school today! :)

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