Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maggie's Shower

This past Saturday was Maggie's shower and we had such a wonderful time! Missy, one of Ben's co-workers, threw us a shower and it everything was so nice! She is such a sweet lady. I can't believe she wanted to throw us a shower. I was just so thankful.
We really had a great time! My best friends from Gainesville came in, Kelly and Aimee. I was so excited to see them. I haven't seen them in so long. We had so much fun the night before catching up. It is so awesome how with those 2 we can not see each other for months and just pick right up where we left off. I love those girls!
My mom brought my grandmother, Grammie, to the shower. I was so glad she got to come! We had fun showing her our house and taking her to lunch at Bonzia. Some of my sweet friends from life group came, too. We are so thankful for the people in our life group. We love meeting with them! Amanda and Cyntha also were there. Amanda and I are both pregnant and it has been really cool to have someone who is going through the same thing with me. I have really enjoyed hanging out with her! Cyntha is such a sweet friend. She has been there for both Ben and I since before we were married. She is amazing!
Hunter was at the shower and had a blast!! I think he ate a few to many cookies, but had a blast on the trampoline! Yay!! Can we get a trampoline for Christmas!! You know I will be on it just as much as Hunter! :)
I am blown away by the love of our friends and family. God is so good! He know exactly what we need and who need to support us! Thank you everyone for such a wonderful shower!
Hunter jumping!

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