Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our First Post...

Hunter's 1st day of school was yesterday and can I just tell you I almost cried dropping him off. He looked so cute in his little red polo and navy shorts. This is the first time he is doing school without me down the hall. He had a wonderful day, but he did cry at drop off. His little bottom lip was trembling when I put him down. I felt so bad, but knew he would have a great time once I left. When I came to pick him up at 2:30 he ran right to me, Pluto in hand. That big smile could melt anyone's heart. Such a sweet boy! Once home he quickly showed Kiddo, our cat, the Apple Stamp art he made and then showed it to his rocking horse. He was so proud. I love this little boy! We ended the afternoon by making cookies, a new tradition I'm going to try and always do when the kids get done with their first day of school, and waiting for Daddy to come home! What a wonderful day! Thank you Lord for such a wonderful little boy and a great school.

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