Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Texas Helmet

We finally found it!! Hunter has decided he wants to be a Texas football player for halloween this year, but he needed a helmet. He kept telling us "I need a helmet so I can be a football player and run fast like Dash." (Dash is the little boy in Disney's The Incredibles) Well Ben and I have been looking all over Abilene. I even had my dad looking around the metroplex and we haven't had any luck until Saturday. After watching the first half of the Texas game I decided I better go get a new Longhorn shirt so that hopefully they would play better. (I always wear a Texas shirt on game day and I couldn't fit into mine from last year this time.) So we headed to Academy and on our way out there it was...Hunter's Texas helmet!!! It was the last small! We were so excited, but not as excited as Hunter when we got home. He loves it! He wears it all the time and says, "I'm a real football player now!"

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