Thursday, March 4, 2010

Are we there yet...

We went to Houston on Wednesday last week to see family.  Hunter was super excited to go to his Nana and Grumpy's house!  We were supposed to leave on Tuesday, but since we got a lot of snow we decided it would be safer if we left on Wednesday morning.  What did Hunter do during that 6 hour car ride you might ask...
Yep!  That's his potty!  Don't worry I cleaned it before we left! :)

We had a really great time.  Thursday we went to Nana school and watched her class sing some Texas songs for the preschool program.  Hunter was clapping and singing along.  On Friday we went to Nie-Nie's school and got to see her new school and meet her students.  We really enjoyed seeing what she gets to do everyday.  (She works with autistic kids.)   Wow!  I don't know how she does it everyday.  Then on Saturday we went to the park.  Hunter LOVED the park and I think everyone else did too! 

Hunter LOVES to play soccer or "kick".  Look at that air! 

Here he is with his Nana. 

I love his picture.  Hunter also falls a lot... on purpose.  It's like part of the kick game.

Maggie in her Fozzy the bear jacket watching her Bubba.  

He could have played kick ALL day, but we finally talked him into a little swing time. 

And Maggie too! :)  

She liked sitting in the swing.  

On to the bugs...

They had these bugs that you could ride.  Hunter didn't like the lady bug much, but he loved the grasshopper.  

And finally on the playground...

Mag Pie on the slide
We really had a great time in Houston.  It was a long car ride, but worth the trip!  Thank you Nana, Grumpy and Nie-Nie.  Hope to see you all again soon! Love you!!!

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