Monday, March 22, 2010

Ohh NO!!!

I forgot my...
in Gainesville.  It was plugged into the kitchen wall charging so I could take pictures this week. =(  I'm so sad!  I also wanted to show everyone pictures from the snow.  Yes, you read right!  It SNOWED on Saturday night in Gainesville.  It only snowed about 2 inches but the wind was sooooo bad there were 2 foot drifts at my parents house!  I didn't think I was going to be able to leave to come home on Sunday!  The hardest part of the trip was the drive way!  Coach was right!  I guess it's how their house sits on that hill.  It was crazy!! Anyway... we made it home just fine.  We were sooo glad to see Daddy!!!  He and Uncle Richard made it home about an hour after us.  Ben had a great time!  I'm so glad he got to go! But I am so happy to have him home!  
This week is Business Expo for Ben so he is going to be very busy!  The good new... we don't have any plans for the weekend!!  Yay!  Oh how I LOVE weekends at home!  
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  

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