Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring in Lindsay

We are still in Lindsay, TX Spring breakin it!  We are having a great time, but Honey was sick all day yesterday.  She stayed in bed. :( We managed to get by but are so happy she is feeling better today. 

Here are some things we did while Honey slept...
We went on a wagon ride... it was Maggie's first!!!  Don't worry I went super slow. :) (this is a pic from today's ride)

We played out on the porch...

We played in the sand. (Hunter did not want his picture taken.)

Here is another pic in the wagon on the way to see the...

Hunter was sad they did not "boom fight" for us. :(

After nap and dinner we went back out for a little bubbles!

Hunter was chasing those bubbles all over the place.

His little face was so red when we went inside.  He was pretending he was a dinosaur and would bite the bubbles! :)

Maggie sat and watched with her Coach!  She loves her Coach!!!

We had a great day, but we are glad Honey is well and able to play today!  We can't wait until Coach gets off work to play, too! 

Ohh... and Daddy called us this morning!  He is having a good time with old friends, but he got stung by this last night!!!!

Yuck!!!  He is okay!  He did not have any type of reaction or anything.  Thank you Lord for taking care of Ben!!!

Now back to playing with kids and maybe a little shopping at...

Have a great day everyone!!

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