Friday, March 12, 2010

Sick but Blessed

What a crazy week this has been!  It all started on Tuesday when Lil' Maggie Moe kept throwing up.  She had a stuff nose so I thought it was just drainage... boy was I wrong!  She didn't start running a fever until Tuesday night (after all the spit throw up).  So I took her to the doctor on Wednesday and that is when Dr. Wiley said the then funny thing. He said "Has Hunter had the stomach bug yet?"  He hadn't so then I started worrying about him getting the stomach bug.  Little did I know that we would ALL have it!
Yes, you read it right... WE ALL HAD THE AWFUL STOMACH BUG!!!!
Ben and I both got it Wednesday night and Hunter woke up with it on Thursday.  It was awful!  I haven't been that sick in sooo long... like maybe when i was in high school.  It was so bad.  But even through the storm of sickness God was so good.  Ben went to work (he didn't think he was that sick... lol).  He came back home after I called almost in tears around 9:30.  He was sick, too!  I was so glad to have him home.  Maggie did not wake up until after Ben got home.  You don't understand how amazing that is.  She is normally awake before Hunter, but this morning she just slept and slept.  I am so glad because I don't know how I would have handled her and puking Hunter.  I didn't have any energy myself.  The Lord took care of us!  Then after telling my Mom she did not need to come (I didn't want her to get sick) she drove all the way from Gainesville to our sick little house to help.  Thank you Lord for such a wonderful Mom!!  She was such a big help!  Hunter was not as sick as Ben and me (thank you Lord) so he was ready to play by 2 in the afternoon.  She played with him and watched Maggie so Ben and I could get some rest.  I don't know what we would have done without her!!
Thank you Lord for taking care of us.  Ohh... and Maggie will NOT be going to the nursery this Sunday! :)

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